I Got Those Post-Semester Breakup Blues

An exercise that I do with my undergrads at the beginning of every semester is an identity web. I demonstrate by writing APRIL on the whiteboard, and then surrounding my name with identities that influence my life: STUDENT, TEACHER, BIG SISTER, CHICANA, WOMAN, ABLE BODIED, among others. It’s a fun exercise that gets them starting to identify who they are, what matters to them, and what privilege they have.
Then at the end of the semester we revisit those webs and reflect on any possible changes in their identities. And this time I had two big changes under STUDENT and TEACHER.

The semester ended a about a week ago and I’ve been having a pretty hard time. I submitted final grades, turned everything in for the class I was taking, now everything’s done. Over. Nothing else needs my attention. And it’s so damn weird.

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Daily Blogger Tasks Printable!

I really really love making printables damn. Check out this and this if you want to round out this set I’ve been working on.



I think that this is rather big for an everyday kind of thing, so I’ve also made a sheet that features two of this image so you can print out half sheets – or do what I’ve done – put one of the doubled sheets in a plastic sleeve and use a dry erase marker to plan the current day and next day!


If this works for you or if you have any comments, let me know below!

First Walk with My New DSLR

When the autofocus broke on my Nikon D3000 two years ago I was heartbroken – I love taking pictures! Not being able to take good quality photos, and losing that hobby, was super shitty. But this past week I found a Craigslist ad that was selling the exact camera I wanted! Over the years I’ve spent so much time researching different models so when someone was selling that exact camera exactly in my budget – it felt a bit like fate.

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Menu Planner Printable!

I’m having trouble falling asleep, so I made a weekly menu/shopping list printable!

I’ve seen a lot on Pintrest that look so pretty but would take too much ink, or are too busy. I tried to focus on using minimal ink and a simple design – I’m pretty happy with how this turned out! Definitely gonna print some out in the morning to start using!


If anyone plans to use it, let me know in the comments! Also this is the font I used for the title!

Living with Less Plastic: Produce Bags

In a happy marriage of my new love for sewing and new interest in reducing my demand for plastic – I took a shot at making some reusable bags for bulk shopping!

I had these old shirts from quidditch tournaments in my undergrad that I don’t wear anymore, but I love them! I didn’t want to donate them, but it felt like they were hanging in my closet for no reason. So I repurposed the material into drawstring bags!

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Living with Less Plastic: Deodorant & Toothbrush

Something I’ve mentioned before is that I’m becoming more conscious of my consumer habits, and I’m trying to produce less waste and decrease my personal demand for plastic. One way I’ve started is by replacing my deodorant and toothbrush with more sustainable options.

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