Transplanting Basil

Yesterday was a beautiful (windy!) day. The tentative warm weather and abrasive wind are really markers of spring in Flagstaff – which has me itching for more plants!


I’ve tried growing basil from seeds with no luck, and had a ‘live herb’ plant from the grocery store die on me. I’m not good at plants. But I really want a big, prosperous basil plant so I bought some already established plants from Home Depot and transplanted them into a big pot I already had (the succulents previously housed in that pot didn’t last the winter).

The Bonnie brand that supplies our Home Depot sells herbs and veggies that show up at the store looking really good, and come in biodegradable containers – there’s no waste, and even the label can be recycled! Lessening my own waste and being more conscious of the materials I buy has been on my mind recently, so this was a great way to integrate that practice into another aspect of my life – gardening!

I’m keeping the pot in our house for now, at least until this cold/windy front passes. I hope that it’ll stay alive and I can move it outside once it’s a little warmer at night. Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t wreck this plant!

And if you have any tips or experience with basil or container gardening please leave a comment!


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