Transplanting Basil

Yesterday was a beautiful (windy!) day. The tentative warm weather and abrasive wind are really markers of spring in Flagstaff – which has me itching for more plants!


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What to say to someone who asks the hard questions: A 30 Word Story

“Do I want to know how you feel about me?” Erin’s eyes were pleading.

Anna deliberated. “You want to know everything about everything.” Then caressed Erin’s palm with her lips.

6 Things I Learned While Shopping For My Capsule Wardrobe

After deciding to try the capsule wardrobe, I wanted to go shopping to put the wardrobe planner from Caroline at Un-Fancy to use. I was excited to try to shop within the practices of the planner, and with my new vision and acceptance of my current closet (all 99 pieces of it).

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First Shopping Trip Of My Capsule Wardrobe

I cleaned out my closet two days ago and decided to commit to a modified capsule wardrobe at least through the end of June! I knew I couldn’t pare my wardrobe down to 37 pieces so I settled on 99. Which is quite a bit more than 37. I know. But it’s the most I want to do right now

Part of the capsule wardrobe changing-season ritual includes a two week period at the end of each season where you plan and shop for the coming season. The spring season started in April so I’m actually two weeks behind, but that’s fine! I still approached it similarly and went shopping yesterday. Continue reading First Shopping Trip Of My Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe: How I’ve (kinda) Started

I’ve been watching House Hunter shows with my roommates and we got hooked on Tiny House Hunters – where someone who wants to start living tiny tours different tiny homes, and it’s so adorable. And it’s rekindled my interest in minimalism (and started two nights of binge-googling and pintresting tiny house plans).

Somewhere along this tiny living research train I read about the capsule wardrobe via Caroline at Un-Fancy and I was totally sold. The idea is that you condense your wardrobe to 37 season appropriate items that you love, fit you well, and fit your style – and in doing so you live more simply, eliminate busyness, and spend less money. Continue reading Capsule Wardrobe: How I’ve (kinda) Started

Books from Fall Term 2015


This semester I was enrolled in a poetry workshop, a literature class focusing on Native America/First Nations work, and a Women and Gender Studies class. I spent a small fortune on books, but the majority of them were worth it. So here’s a list of the ones I liked best, organized by genre and then listed by personal preference, if you’re looking for recommendations!

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